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ONLINE! genetic counseling

Why choose online genetic counseling? We offer the service of online genetic counseling. The service is completely anonymous if you choose online counseling, and also has worldwide availability. We offer our services when it comes to resolving problems associated with inheritance and genetics

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Registering in our system for online counseling can be done completely anonymously, by registering you gain access to our expert opinions. Besides genetic counseling, we also offer opinions when it comes to choosing genetic tests based on their price, availability, validity and so on. All of this can be accessed by registering to our services as well as paying a certain fee based on the problem that needs to be solved.

In accordance with the codex of genetic counseling, which states that YOUR ANONYMITY IS GUARANTEED, all of our client’s information is protected and hidden. Your data will only be used for finding the correct GENETIC DIAGNOSIS, and for nothing else.

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Our client’s testimonials

Ljubiša is not only a great expert when it comes to lots of conditions. He is also a great when it comes to conveying his vast knowledge to his clients. Thank you Ljubiša for everything

Slobodan Markovic

Word cannot explain how grateful I am for all of the texts that you have made available and more understandable for us everyday people. It is a great honor that I can follow you, especially due to the fact that a close relative of mine is affected by cancer. Thank you.

Dijana Tanic

Dear Ljubiša Mihajlović, thank you direly for simplifying your knowledge in these posts which allow us, who don’t have a clue when it comes to either genetics or medicine, to follow you.

Dragana Novakovic-Popovic


We are available for contact on the following email address and phone numbers


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