About us

GENEINFO is a company which was founded on the basis of taking new breakthroughs in the fields of molecular medicine and human genetics and using to better improve the quality of people’s lives.

New findings in the field of next generation genomic sequencing and new found genetic variabilities are used for the purpose of establishing a precise diagnosis, all in the hope of finding the best treatment available for each individual. This is a new field in medicine which is called precise medicine-personalized medicine.

Tailoring the best possible therapeutic approach to each individual patient is the foundation of precise medicine-personalized medicine. A prerequisite to this is establishing a precise diagnosis, a diagnosis on the molecular level, which implies determining the exact cause of the condition on the molecular level

Besides precise diagnosis, GENEINFO also works in the fields of genetic counseling and genetic testing, in order to better help implement genomic medicine in the fields of modern prevention, therapy and prognosis of certain conditions and diseases. We help in determining the best possible genetic test for each individual disease/condition, as well as counseling when it comes to determining whether or not the disease/condition will reaper and providing help when it comes to planning future offspring.

Taking all of the above into consideration GENEINFO works in the following fields:


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